An insurance policy providing coverage for losses due to the death or injury of livestock. Livestock insurance generally covers accidents, acts of god, thefts and so forth.

Significance of livestock insurance?

Buying livestock animals involves a large investment on the part of the farmers. Death of animal that may result from an accident or illness or disease can lead to a significant loss which can be difficult to bear financially. Farmers can protect themselves against the loss of valuable animals by purchasing livestock insurance.


All farmers receiving livestock loan from banks are eligible to buy this insurance. All livestock will be covered for which the bank is advancing loan to its borrowers.

Perils covered

The policy covers a loss to livestock due to the following:

  • Death due to disease

  • Death due to flood, heavy rains , windstorm (acts of god)

  • Accidental death

General exclusions

The insurance does not cover.

  • Pre-existing diseases or injuries

  • Theft (negotiable)

  • Transport by land beyond 25 km (s) from the place of stabling or transport by air or sea.

  • Any government order of killing of an animal as a result of pestilent

  • Injury because of negligence of the insured in taking good care of the insured animals

  • Riot, strike & civil commotion.