Crop Insurance is a vital part of the Pakistan agricultural industry and a key risk management tool for the modern farmer. The Crop Insurance Company agrees to indemnify the insured (farmer, rancher or grower) against losses which occur during the crop year. Losses must be due to perils which are unavoidable or beyond the insured’s control such as drought, flood and disease.


  • All farmers receiving agricultural loan from banks are eligible to buy this insurance.

Types of crops covered

The crops covered under igi’s crop insurance program are wheat, rice, maize, cotton and sugarcane.

Perils covered

The policy covers a loss to crops due to the following:

  • Natural calamities: excessive rain, hail, frost, snowfall, windstorm, flood and drought

  • Crop related diseases, viral and bacterial attack.

  • Locust attack or insect attack

General exclusions

The insurance does not cover.

  • Loss due to theft, malicious act or due to reasons and risks not specifically covered by the policy

  • Loss or damage to crop occasioned by its fermentation, natural heating or spontaneous combustion or by its undergoing heating or drying process.

  • Loss or damage occasioned by or through or consequent upon the burning of crop, fire of any nature, earthquake, volcanic eruption or other convulsion of nature, subsidence or heave, landslide and erosion.

  • Losses due to avoidable causes such as neglect or malfeasance of the insured.

  • War invasion, riot, strike and terrorism.

  • Price fluctuations