Travel Sure offers an enhanced policy for Schengen states and all Worldwide destinations, now covering you for up to US$ 100,000 for medical expenses abroad for both hospitalization and out-patient treatment. It is the finest travel plan that has been specially tailored according to your traveling needs and in order to make your journey stress free with the assurance that any and all emergencies will be taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.

In collaboration with International SOS, we offer International healthcare services through a dedicated Call- Collect Number: +97146018824 available from anywhere in the world.

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Telephone Medical Advice
Medical Service Provider Referral
Arrangement of Hospital Admission
Worldwide Consulate and Embassy Referrals
Medical Translation Services
Delivery of Essential Medicine
Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
Arrangement of Compassionate visit
Arrangement of Return of Minor Children
Arrangement of Accommodation
Interpreter Referral
Lost Luggage and Passport Assistance
Legal Referrals
Emergency Travel Service Assistance
Emergency Document Delivery

General Policy Exclusions

We will not pay any claim, which results from loss or damage to Property or expense, directly or indirectly caused by:

1.Medical expenses arising out of Pre-existing Conditions.
2. Insured Persons traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment as a consequence of accident, illness or Pre-existing Conditions.
3. Any expenses for medical evacuation or repatriation if the Insured Person is not suffering from a Serious Medical Condition and can be treated locally.
4. Any treatment or expenses related to childbirth, miscarriage or pregnancy.
5. Any loss sustained while the Insured Person is participating in any professional/extreme sport or engaging in any nonscheduled flight.
6. Any expenses incurred as a result of a self-induced injury, suicide, drug addiction or abuse, alcohol abuse, or sexually transmitted diseases.
7. Any expenses related to the Insured Person engaging in the commission of an unlawful act.
8. If there is any single claim of Multitrip policy happened, policy will be expired for remaining duration.
9. Maximum 30 days stay limit applied in one trip in 1 Year (Multi trip) plans for age more than 65 years, after any one trip policy will be expired.

COVID 19 Coverage

The Company shall pay for necessary and reasonable emergency medical expenses for hospitalization abroad if the insured person suffers from COVID 19 during his/her insured trip, up to maximum amount as stated below in the compensation table.

Conditions:Following conditions apply to COVID 19 Coverage:

1. Medical Coverage for COVID 19 will only be applicable if the policy is issued on or after 11 August, 2020..
2. Policy coverage validation will only be subjected to a Negative result of COVID 19 test undertaken 96 Hours prior to commencing the journey from Pakistan.
3. Medical Coverage for COVID 19 is included within the overall sum insured/Limit of indemnity of insuring Clause 2 i.e. emergency medical expenses for sickness & hospitalization abroad and is not in addition however following sub-limits to apply for this cover:
4. In case of Positive COVID 19 test result abroad from any Government authorized Centre, the Hospitalization would be covered.
5. COVID 19 Screening/Test expense under taken abroad is covered if resulted positive only.
6. Follow up treatment is only covered when/if a followed up test is Positive and advised/prescribed by medical practitioner of recognized hospital.
7. With respect to COVID 19, Medical Evacuation & Repatriation is included but limited to the compensation table of COVID 19 coverage as specified above. This cover is included within the COVID 19 cover sum insured & not in addition.
8. All claims related to COVID 19 will settled on pay & claim basis and will be reimbursed in PKR at Insured’s local Bank Account in Pakistan or through Cheque.
9. This is one time benefit for entire policy period & the policy COVID 19 cover shall cease upon payment of lump sum policy cover or lump sum COVID 19 cover.

Table of COVID 19 coverage

S.No            Plan Name            Coverage limit
1                  No icing                 USD 2000
2                  Majestic                 USD 2500
3                  Majestic Plus        USD 3000

Specific Exclusions:

1. COVID 19 test for Self-investigation &/or Self-Evaluation.
2. Any Diagnosis which is not related & not incidental to COVID 19 is not covered in this policy.
3. Testing done at diagnostic Centre which is not authorized by the Government shall not be recognized under this policy.
4. Airline/Visa requirement for any medical test related to COVID 19.


Key Benefits

Personal Accident Insurance

Ensure personal safety for you, financial security for your loved ones with IGI General Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Cover.

Personal Accident policy covers you against;

Accidental Death:
In case of death of the insured due to an accident within the policy period, the nominee (mentioned in the policy) is compensated with the Sum Insured.

Permanent Total Disablement (PTD):
Personal Accident pays compensation against the permanent and total loss of limbs, sight etc. due to an accident.

Scale of Benefits

  • Accidental Death 100%
  • Permanent Disablement
  • Death Only 100%
  • Loss of two limbs or both eyes or one limb and one eye 100%
  • Loss of arm above the elbow 50%
  • Loss of arm below the ebow 45%
  • Permanent total deafness (both ears) 50%
  • Permanent total deafness (one ear) 25%
  • Loss of one eye 50%
  • Loss of thumb 17.5%
  • Loss of index finger 12.5%
  • Loss of any other finger 5%
  • Loss of leg above knee 50%
  • Loss of leg below knee 35%
  • Loss of great toe 5%
  • Loss of another toe 3%
What is the age eligibility to apply for Travel Sure?

In Regular Plans, we cover you upto 65 years.

For age between 65+ till 85 years, Senior Citizens Plan would apply.

In Regular family plan the spouse is covered upto 65 years, and children from 1 month to 18 years.

How many members are covered under Family plan?

Family plan includes the Insured, Spouse and 3 Children aged one month up to the age of 18.

For any additional child, premium loading applies.

Under the Family Plan what is the entitlement among family members for Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disability?

100% medical expenses limit is assigned for each family member up to the age of 65 if the family plan option is availed.

100% medical expenses limit is assigned for each family member in Senior citizens family plan, age brackets applicable as per the plan selected.

50% Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability limit is assigned for Spouse, and 25% of the same for Children covered under Family Plan.

Who do I call in case of a medical emergency and travel assistance?

You would need to contact our International Health care service providers, International SOS at +97146018824 for any medical emergency and travel assistance.

Which Travel Sure plans are approved by Schengen States?

In Regular Plan, Majestic +, Majestic and No icing are approved by Schengen States.

What if the family members are not traveling together?

Under family plan, single trip policy, all family members are covered for that particular insured journey, and would be traveling together.

In annual multi trip, under family policy, the primary insured should accompany any of the family members covered under the policy, and in which case the travel destination would be the same as well.

What do we mean by Common Carrier?

Common carrier is any land, water or air conveyance operated under a valid license for the transportation of passengers for hire.

How does the compensation for the Loss of Luggage coverage work? If the airline provides some compensation will coverage still apply under the insurance policy?

Benefits are limited to the loss of checked in baggage, which is in the care, custody and control of Common Carrier, lost due to theft or misdirection by a common carrier whilst the insured is a ticketed passenger on the Common carrier and during the course of an insured journey.

We will reimburse based on the maximum shown in the Schedule of Benefits, for the cost of replacement of the baggage and its contents. The amount of compensation will be in excess of any amount paid or payable by the Common carrier responsible for the loss.

Claim Filing Procedure

To Lodge your claim, please call IGI General Insurance Office.

Monday till Friday (9:00 AM till 5:30 PM)
Friday (9:00 AM till 6:00 PM) except public holidays.
For Motor Claims intimation & Queries:
            Lahore: 042-111-308-308
            Karachi:021-111-567-567 or 021-111-308-308
            Islamabad: 051-111-308-308
For Health Queries & Approvals: 042-345-03333
For Non-Health/Non-Motor Claims:
           Karachi: 021-111-308-308
           Lahore: 042-111-308-308
           Islamabad: 051-111-308-308

For Submission of documents through courier:

For Head Office & Karachi Branch:
IGI General Insurance Limited
Head Office & Karachi Branch
Suit # 701-711, 7th Floor, The Forum, G-20 Block 9, Khayban-e-Jami Clifton – Karachi, Pakistan
UAN # 92-21-111-308-308

For Lahore:
IGI General Insurance Limited
Corporate office & Lahore Branch
UAN # 92-42-111-308-308

For Islamabad:
IGI General Insurance Limited
Islamabad Branch
3rd Floor, Kamran Centre, Blue Area, Islamabad
UAN # 92-51-111-308-308

For Filing Online Claim intimation, Please Click Here or send an email at

Policy Terms & Conditions