What are necessary precautions to ensure tracker stays in working conditions?

Always ensure that the vehicle battery is in good condition and its power capacity is according to additional electronic accessories installed. In case the vehicle battery does not work, the tracker can stop working within 15-30 minutes.
For example any additions of security/central locking system, fog lamps or stereo systems can increase the power load on battery and lead to shortening of its life cycle.

How can I contact IGI Drive?

IGI Drive can be contacted through its 24/7 helpline number 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001 and email Info.igidrive@IGI.COM.PK.

What is the SMS short code for checking vehicle location, alerts, trips and sending SOS alert to IGI?

The SMS short code for getting vehicle location, alerts, trips and sending SOS alert to IGI is 9291. To get help in using this short code, kindly send a message HELP to 9291 from your registered mobile number. To get any further help on this, kindly contact 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001

Why PIN code is created and how will it be used?

The PIN codes are being generated to safe guard your information privacy so that only you can get information regarding your vehicle.

What if I forget my PIN code?

You can always contact our helpline number 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001
to get any kind of assistance.

What happens if my battery needs replacement or gets disconnected?

A weak or disconnected battery will impact reporting of your vehicle to our monitoring system. Our team will get in touch with you immediately to get the battery replaced on priority. Kindly ensure that a weak battery is replaced immediately to ensure safety of your vehicle.

What to do incase vehicle is not getting started?

This is a similar scenario as above where battery gets weak. Kindly get the vehicle checked immediately with your local vehicle electrician and also inform IGI Drive helpline. In case any issue is identified with the tracker, please call our helpline 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001 for immediate support.

What to do in case of vehicle theft?

In case of any unfortunate incident like this, kindly report it immediately to our helpline number 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001 and also inform Police emergency helpline 15. Also report the incident to nearest Police Station at the earliest. Our helpline will stay in touch with you and keep you posted regarding your vehicle’s status.

What to do in case of change of contact numbers or address?

Kindly call our helpline number 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001 for any changes in contact details.

Why do IGI Drive needs alternative contact numbers?

In case any emergency scenario, IGI Drive will contact you before immobilizing your vehicle. An alternate contact number in case of your non-availability of primary number will help in taking appropriate action.

Should I contact IGI drive before leaving city?

In order to ensure safety of your vehicle it is important that you contact IGI Drive before leaving your home city. We will contact you, whenever you leave your home city without intimation. Any advance intimation will save you from hassle of answering our call while driving.

What should I do if I am changing status of ownership of my vehicle by selling or transferring it?

In such case, immediately update to IGI General Insurance or contact at our 24/7 Help line 0423-450-7777 and 042-3890 0001 so that or representative contact you for device removal to avoid any future inconvenience for all parties.

Feedback can be shared via email at complaints.igidrive@igi.com.pk